My favourite thing about this, is that he goes back to his father, and holds him accountable for his actions. He’s thought he was in the wrong for years. That it was his fault he lost his honour. To see him come to this understanding that he was a child and his father was the responsible party was amazing.

I can’t even think of any other animated kids shows where the abuser is called out on their abuse as openly and directly as he was in this show. And don’t even start me on the importance of them showing that a male child can be the victim of abuse by a male parent. That’s a demographic that so often gets brushed aside and they get told to “man up” or in this case “act like a Prince”. And Zuko gets to stand up and say “I AM a Prince. You’re the one who was wrong”.

Tyler Hoechlin attends the Teen Wolf panel at SDCC 2014*


I’m just so on the fucking fence about all that’s happening in the fandom right now. On one hand I am just disappointed with the queer-bating, the making fun of fics, the way emotional hardship gets pushed back in favor of slow-mo fight sequences and sexy shots. And I think I have the right to feel the way I feel.
On the other hand there’s this little voice that tells me I’m overreacting again, that I’m being silly and childish. But more importantly, there’s this huge fucking fear of hurting my favorite show.

It’s frustrating because I want them to listen to us and stop calling us crazy or think that we don’t notice things, and when the plot has room for it give us more insight into the characters we love, flesh them out and let them grow. But I don’t want to sit on Tuesday and feel like such a bully because this show that I love is suffering. Because hurting the show means hurting the cast that I admire and love. I don’t want to hurt any of them.

Somewhere along the way I forgot to stay positive. To me this was never about getting canon Sterek. I don’t know about you.

"Is Scott finally going to turn? Like fully turn? Cause it looks like we saw a different kind of makeup…? Yeah a lot of what Scott struggles through this season is him not becoming the monster that Peter was. He’s really feeling out of control and thinks that may happen. So he’s dealing a lot with murder - He doesn’t want to murder anybody you know? Scott’s never killed anybody. Because he believes in saving peoples lives. And he doesn’t feel like he has to resort to murder. So he’s going to deal with that - I get chills talking about it. It’s so cool dude. It’s the best storyline arc that Scott’s ever had. He really is battling not turning into Peter. […] Is Peter going to use that to his advantage? Oh my god yeah. Peter’s got a plan and I feel like he’s had this plan ever since season 1. […] It’s safe to say that it’s going to come down to Scott vs Peter."
— Tyler Posey talking about the rest of Scott’s arc in season 4 (source)

The Princess Bride + Insults


How I saw this scene